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R.I.P Bill

We are saddened at the passing of the Co founder of this Association Here in Australia. Bill Horley was a mighty man with a passion for first, quarter horses here in Australia and graduating to the limousine of riding horses the Peruvian Paso Horse. Bill we love you and admire your dedication and enthusiasm . Len and I thank you for all that you shared will us, all the advice and guidance you emparted to us. We will miss you dear friend, but one day we will meet again in God’s great pastures in heaven.

Bill was a lovely guy. I fondly remember visits and talking about Peruvian Horses.

Chris Bahlo

Bill was so much fun when he came to pick us up in 2008 and gave us a driving tour of Sydney. He took us to a coffee shop first and showed us the pedigrees of all his horses and asked many great questions about crosses he planned, and filled us in on the history of the breed in Aus from 1975.

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